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I tell you what happened this morning, and it is perfectly true. eight months ago, I came home from work and told me he was going to a work conference in May, it turned out the same week two, was that my in-laws by going on vacation, so my wife willing to go with their parents. Over time approached, asked to look at our neighbor to the house as having a key role in emergencies and it is for the house looked like before. Last week I received a call due to problems with the place and the organizers could have a proper place again found to have been canceled. dansmovies as it is too late, I was about to book an additional place on the holiday, he said he went to work as usual. My wife and her parents flew out on Saturday for two weeks in the sun. I forgot to tell my neighbors that I came home, as more than a friend of my friend is the way he talks to her regularly. my neighbor, which we call ' P', is 32 years old, about 5 feet 6and has a very thin figure. She is in Nigeria and lives with her ​​husband and three children, her husband works hard and is home to only about 1 week in 5 has never been among us - no link or anything, but I occasionally about what that would fuck a black woman who fantasized. N Anyway, I feel I dansmovies got home today and Thursday and Friday to work - I said I had to do a lot of paperwork, I do not know, I have to do some other things and also wanted a rest days. Anyway, I woke up around 8 and I thought about having a good long soak dansmovies in the bath tub. We have a large bathroom - large enough for two, my wife insisted that it was a hot tub type. I ran to the bathroom, turned on the radio and should have been in about 20 minutes in I - the water was hot, he was relaxed and my penis was erect in hot water - if the bathroom door opened and P, I saw lying, smilies and said 'oh, sorry, I thought dansmovies you were gone, I found to Review of the dansmovies house and heard on the radio ' He turned around and came out and said. ' I'm leaving you alone, ' I was there and I thought it was gone, when a minute later, she lowered her head in the door. and said, ' would make a drink in the house, you want one? 'I said yes, and I'm in a round a dansmovies few minutes. ' No need, I will do here, 'he said and disappeared. just out of the tub when held 2 cups tea was, she looked at me and said ' does not appear in my account, ' and gave me some tea. He turned and sat on the toilet and began to entertain me I was a little surprised -. There was my neighbor who had spoken only by a maximum of 10 minutes over the fence, and was now talking to me while I was completely naked. as if we were talking about a table, must dansmovies be the heat of the water, when I sat down again, but decided that my tail, head above water - and I could see his eyesIng it. All he said was ' do not worry, I'm not ashamed, I 'm flattered. ' We sat there drinking tea and talking about all of her children, her husband is thinking more of his work as his, and how has not come to her for months and how you like the area. Then he suddenly turned and said, ' You think I'm sexy ' to be a little confused and thrown off guard by the question, I said 'yes, me. then asked ' have you ever thought of me sexually in any dansmovies way? ' completely thrown back by the question, was all he said ' errmm once or twice ' n Then set the cup on the windowsill, he got up and dropped her dress to the floor. Below was naked and his body is actually better than I thought, was not as thin as I thought. her breasts dansmovies were very small, almost flat, but the nipples are very large. and now very erect her pussy was shaved actually thought -. before only one step forward andin the bath. Actually, I was dansmovies confused, surprised and excited at the same time - but I stood there watching and waiting for his next step. bent, gave me a long kiss on the lips, and then began to rub my cock already erect. Must be the hot water and the suddenness of the situation, but I really put my arms around her and started dansmovies kissing her back. She said it to get closer to me and I almost imposing. dansmovies I heard a kiss and put my left side, where I could use my hands better. I started softly, her pert little dansmovies tits massage, rubbing very large nipples, she groaned and rubbed his cock even harder. I moved my hand slowly down her body and smooth skin was found on top of her thighs, very anxiously separated. My fingers found the lips and pushed inside her - her legs spread even wider, one, two, three of my fingers penetrated her, and little by little I began to get his finger, rubbed his thumb on my clitoris - which could begin to feelING respond and react to my attention. ceased to kiss and said, 'Fuck me hard. ' I slip in and around their legs and my cock found my hole and entered it, I slowly pushed to the bottom and slowly pulled it all the way back on. For me, must have been hot, but I was damn near - that was near and that the fact that she said her husband did not have at his side in the month. After a few minutes, take I felt my balls and then pumping my sperm inside her. She wrapped her legs around me and held me there, it felt as if I hit orgasm. looked at me and said : '. You should not do that, without protection, I've been pregnant very easily, ' were there in the hot water for a while, until she said 'let go'. as he took a dry towel and turned to her, she left the bathroom and straight into the bedroom, I went and found her in bed with his arms, as ' being done to me,' We fucked again the next few hours, before saying : 'I have to go pick up my children to school. ' He dressed and left. When he left, she said: dansmovies ' I'm going back to see the house in the future, if you want. ' when working from home ' in the morning, maybe just a surprise!
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